About Us

EduCOR is a compulsory requirement for foreign seafarers who work on Malaysia’s flagship under the rules & regulation Malaysia Marine Department. 

EduCOR is developed & Managed by Mydeck Management Sdn Bhd (838817-A). 

About EduCOR

EduCOR is an added requirement to apply for Certification of Recognition (COR). EduCOR 2.0 is an upgraded version of previous EduCOR from previous platform.

EduCOR completion will reflect on SDPX System after 7am & 1pm.

Who need to get EduCOR Certificate?

Effective from 15th April 2017, all holders of foreign Certificate Of Competency (COC), who intend to work on Malaysian ships, are required to fully passed the EduCOR course & approved by Marine Department Malaysia before they can apply for COR. This EduCOR course is an online oriented.

Only registered users are allowed to take the course, if found otherwise, the certificate(s) issued shall be canceled and no request for refund will be entertained.